"No.1 Feng Shui"

Are you yearning for a successful life?
‘A modicum of Power Energy is better than tons of treasure’

Chaebols, successful businessmen, restaurants with explosive growth, bustling shopping malls, thriving businesses, and prominent families all share one thing in common: Power Energy.

What is Power Energy?

Power Energy = successful business

There are myriad kinds of energy on this earth that humans cannot perceive. Among them, there exists this positive energy that is particularly beneficial to human beings as well as all life forms. Although invisible to human eyes, this kind of positive energy is very closely linked to our health and wealth. Power Energy is formed at the place where positive energy flowing in the vertical direction and positive energy flowing in the horizontal direction intersect.

Harris Park, CEO of UU-Consulting, is one of the few people in the world who has the extraordinary ability to locate this Power Energy.

The Law of Attraction

Power Energy is a special kind of energy beneficial to human life which is considered to attract numerous positive elements in our lives such as wealth, fame, health, job promotions, and our children’s success.

UU-consulting can help you to live and enjoy a life of wealth, fame, and health by finding the optimal location for your house, your business, your family member’s burial sites and placing them precisely where Power Energy is concentrated.

Based on longtime experience, the size of Power energy can be classified into four categories.

  1. Small Power Energy
  2. Medium Power Energy
  3. Large Power Energy
  4. Super Power Energy


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