Purchase of a Power Energy Burial Site

Purchase of a Power Energy Burial Site

While I was in the middle of a consultation at a cemetery near a suburb of Seattle in order to purchase a burial site that has Power Energy, I found two plots that have enormous Power Energy comparable to that at the graves of the grandparents of Bill Gates. The best thing children can do for their deceased parents or ancestors is bury them in a spot with Power Energy.


명당 묘지 구입
명당 묘지 구입을 위해 시애틀 근교 cemetery에서 컨설팅 중에 있었다. 빌 게이츠 조부모 묘소와 동등한 엄청난 크기의 Power Energy를 두 곳 발견했다. 돌아가신 부모님이나 조상님을 위한 최고의 효는 Power Energy가 있는 곳에 모시는 것이다.

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