The Office of Bill Gates in Bellevue

The Office of Bill Gates in Bellevue

When I examined the building in Bellevue, Washington where Bill Gates had his old Microsoft office, I was able to detect a substantial amount of Power Energy. I also found that the entrance to the parking garage has strong Power Energy. However, the main entrance to the building didn’t have Power Energy. This example shows that the location of the entrance to the office of one’s business is important for the business when leasing an office or a building.


빌 게이츠 MS 초창기 사무실
빌 게이츠의 초창기 사무실이 있었던 시애틀 벨뷰에 위치한 건물을 확인해 본 결과 Microsoft 사무실은 상당한 Power Energy가 있었다. 그리고 주차장 입구에도 강한 Power Energy가 있었다. 그러나 건물 주 출입문에는 Power Energy가 없었다. 이렇듯 임차를 하는 경우에는 해당 사무실의 출입문이 중요하다.

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