Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle

Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle

The Starbucks Headquarters building has a substantial amount of Power Energy in its main entrance. Its Power Energy was less than that of its first store, but it was big enough to make it grow as a global business. However, the Starbucks Reserve Cafe on the first floor did not have Power Energy.


시애틀 스타벅스 본사
시애틀 스타벅스 본사를 확인해 본 결과 상당한 크기의 Power Energy가 출입문에 있었다. 1호점 매장 보다는 Power Energy 크기가 작으나 세계적인 기업으로 성장하기에 충분하다. 바로 옆 Reserve 매장은 아쉽게도 Power Energy가 없었다.

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