The Microsoft Headquarters Building

The Microsoft Headquarters Building

When I visited the Microsoft headquarters, a huge construction project was underway. I was able to detect and identify the presence of an enormous amount of Power Energy as large as those at the graves of Bill Gates’ grandparents. I look forward to examining its entrance when the construction is over.


Microsoft 본사
Microsoft 본사를 방문해 보니 엄청난 공사가 진행중인데, 과거 본사 건물 출입구를 확인해 본 결과 빌 게이츠 조부모 묘소와 같은 크기의 엄청난 Power Energy가 있음을 확인했다. 새로운 공사가 완성되면 출입구가 어떻게 될지 궁금하다.

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