Harris Park

CEO of UU-Consulting
Sungkyunkwan University Alumnus
ROTC/Korean Army Veteran
Samsung Alumnus
Small Business Owner

“For Your Successful life"


My name is Harris Park, CEO of UU-Consulting.

“First of all, Learn from nature.”

Through observing birds, animals in the forest, and plants and trees in nature, I was able to confirm this truth over and over again. Birds build their nests and centuries-old trees grow where Positive Energy is concentrated. I also found that there are animals and plants that are drawn to Positive Energy.

For the last 20 years, I have met with many Feng Shui experts as I was keen from early on about the ideas of Feng Shui and Chi. However, I came to realize that the current practice of Feng Shui is heading in the wrong direction. After long and hard work and independent research, I came to be able to locate “Power Energy”, which no one has ever done before.

I confirmed that the presence of concentrated Power Energy at the entrance of buildings, shopping centers, offices, and burial sites has a very close link with prosperity, wealth, and health in numerous cases.

I became able to tell whether a certain shopping center will do well or a certain office is good for the success of a business. I also developed this ability to determine whether the descendants of people buried in a cemetery will become successful by examining their gravesites.

We sometimes find an acquaintance suddenly going through a hard time with his business or family affairs. In this kind of case, it turns out that he or she has moved his or her house, office, or family burial sites to a location that does not have Power Energy.

I can help you enjoy success, happiness, and health by locating your house, office, or family burial sites at a place where Power Energy is powerfully concentrated.

After examining the burial sites of their ancestors, the houses, and business offices of wealthy and famous people, I was able to confirm that without exception their locations are linked to the location of Power Energy.

There is an old proverb that says, “A small plot of Myungdang (Power Energy) is more valuable than a thousand tons of treasure.” Likewise, I also want to emphasize the importance of Power Energy, or Myungdang.

UU-Consulting will continue its endeavor and research for those who dream of a more successful life.

UU-Consulting will help you with your success in life.