Shopping Center

Assessment of Shopping Centers/Business Offices and
Consultation on Construction of Shopping Centers/Business Offices

A successful entrepreneur might have humble beginnings at a small shabby strip mall store or office. But it is very likely that those places all had Super Power Energy, which manifests a powerful concentration of life energy, whether it was in a parents’ garage, or a modest store or office. This turned out to be invariably true at the many places I visited.

I have witnessed countless times through the examination of many business locations that the chance of a business’s success goes up substantially if the location of its store or office has a strong presence of Power Energy when it leases a retail space and opens its business in a building. This phenomenon was especially prominent in the case of restaurants. Therefore, if you are considering opening your business in a shopping center, leasing the store that has the highest concentration of Power Energy is crucial for the future growth of your business.

If you are constructing your own shopping center, you need to make sure to locate the entrance at the spot where the highest concentration of Power Energy is detected for the prospective businesses at the shopping center to thrive.

The location of an exit door does not matter as much as that of the entrance because it is through the entrance that energy flows in.

Once the construction work on a commercial building takes off, it is very difficult to change the original layout. Therefore, it is advisable to locate the spot where Power Energy is concentrated first and then move on to construction. We strongly advise you to remember to follow this advice so that many of your renters do not struggle with their business later on.

I have many examples that prove my claim.

  • Ex1) During my visit to Seattle, I was able to confirm that the first Costco warehouse located in Issaquah, an eastern suburb of Seattle, WA has the highest concentration of Power Energy at its entrance.
  • Ex2) I was also able to detect and identify a strong concentration of Power Energy at the entrance of the first Starbucks coffee shop and its first Reserve Roastery in Seattle. These two cases prove that businesses with a heavy foot traffic almost always have an entrance that is marked by the presence of strong Power Energy.
  • Ex3) When I examined the Lotte Tower Building, the tallest building in Seoul, Korea, I was not able to detect Power Energy at its main entrance. I predict that a business that has its headquarters or a CEO’s office in this building would struggle rather than thrive.

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A House with No Power Energy

This huge custom home under construction in a suburb of Dallas, Texas does not have Power Energy in either the gate or the entrance. None

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington is a legendary drive-in restaurant. It is well-known that Bill Gates used to patronize this restaurant, which was located right next