Burial Site

Consultation on the Purchase and Transfer of a Burial Site

Burial Site

The burial site of one’s ancestors is crucial for the prosperity and wellbeing of his progeny. It is believed that one’s children will become very famous, or wealthy when his or her ancestors’ graves are located in the spot where Power Energy is densely concentrated.

I have witnessed through numerous cases that the birth of a prestigious family starts when the graves of one’s great-grandparents, grand-parents, or parents are located in the plot with Power Energy (Myungdang).

One powerful example is the graves of Bill Gates’ grandparents. While looking for a burial site in Seattle, I stumbled upon the graves where the grandparents of Bill Gates are buried. After examining the plots, I was able to detect the presence of Super Power Energy.


Purchase and Transfer of a Burial Site

The best thing one can do for one’s parents is to bury them at a location with Power Energy. Likewise, the best legacy one can leave to one’s children is choosing to be buried at the plot where Power Energy is concentrated.

There is an old saying in Korea that “A modicum of Power Energy (Myungdang) is more valuable than tons of treasure.” This maxim emphasizes the importance of purchasing a burial site that has a concentration of Power Energy. I have confirmed that this holds true in innumerable cases.

For this reason, the noblest expression of one’s love for the deceased is to bury him or her at the location with “Power Energy(Myungdang)”

[note] Burial is the best method for final disposition of the deceased. The second best option is cremation. I would strongly discourage you from scattering the ashes after cremation because it is not good for the descendants.

“The highest honor you can bestow on your parents is Myungdang(Power Energy) for their burial sites.”


A House with No Power Energy

This huge custom home under construction in a suburb of Dallas, Texas does not have Power Energy in either the gate or the entrance. None

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington is a legendary drive-in restaurant. It is well-known that Bill Gates used to patronize this restaurant, which was located right next