Q1. How far can you travel for an on-site consultation?

A. I can visit most areas of the U.S. and Canada for an on-site consultation. However, after an initial inquiry and a preliminary discussion, I reserve the right to decline to visit a location at my discretion.

Q2. What are the steps of the consultation process?

by phone
Analysis of
the entity
estimation of the total fee
An on-site visit will be made once the travel expenses and a non-refundable deposit is paid for
Upon completion of the consultation, the remaining balance should be paid in full

Q3. Cost Estimation

A: The total consultation fee can vary depending on the type of the entity, the square footage, the location of the entity, and the duration of the consultation. It includes both travel expenses and consultation fees.

Use the following table for a rough estimate. The exact fee will be determined after the consultation inquiry is received.

Travel Expenses

$1,500 per day
Fort Worth
$2,000 per day
Other locations in the U.S.
$1,500 per day + transportation expenses (airfare, car rental, etc.) + lodging/food + misc.

Consultation Fees

Residential buildings (buying/selling/construction), shopping centers/stores (in case of leasing)
Starting at $5,000~
Construction of commercial buildings/shopping centers
Starting at $30,000~
Buying/selling commercial buildings/shopping centers
Starting at $30,000~
  • An initial non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total charges should be made and the remaining balance (70% of the total fee) should be paid upon the completion of the consultation.
  • In the case there is no Power Energy at the site/entity, the payment of the remaining balance need not be made.

Burial Site Consultation

Small Power Energy
Medium Power Energy
Large Power Energy
Super Power Energy
  • In the case of construction of commercial buildings, the starting base fee is $30,000 and depending on the size of the lot and the value of the building, an additional fee will be charged (maximum $10,000,000).
  • Likewise, in the case of buying or selling commercial buildings and shopping centers, the starting base fee is $30,000 and an additional fee will be charged depending on the value, the size, and the square footage of the building (maximum $ 5,000,000).

Q4: Do you attend the funerals of the deceased or accompany the client when moving a burial site?

A: Although I locate and designate the burial site at Power Energy, I don’t attend funerals or accompany my client when moving the burial site.

Q5: How long does the on-site consultation take?

A: It varies depending on the location, the type of the entity, and its size or square footage. In general, it can take from 1 to 10 days. I spend a maximum of four hours per day.

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