Assessment of Homes/Land and
Consultation on Construction of Homes/Land

A person’s residence is very important in his or her life because that is where a new family member is added into the family and also because its location has an immense impact on the prosperity and health of the family as well as the academic success and achievements of one’s children.

From the perspective of Power Energy, if you are considering building your own house, the most important spots you need to pay attention to are its entrance (a gate in some cases) and the bedrooms.

First, the entrance and gate of a house should be located precisely at the spot where strong Power Energy is concentrated because the entrance of a house has a powerful impact on the family’s prosperity and fame.

In hundreds of houses that I visited and examined, I was able to confirm that the houses which have their gate or entrance at a location with Power Energy have a powerful aura of wealth and fame flowing into them.

Secondly, Power Energy is also closely related with the health and wellbeing of all living beings. This principle applies to human beings as well as plants or animals.

I found that without exception, the places where centuries-old trees are growing have a dense concentration of Power Energy. Likewise, for people to enjoy a healthy and long life, the area where they spend most of their time, such as the desk, sofa or bed are located, should be in a favorable spot. If the bedroom in particular is in a location with Power Energy, its owner can have a healthy and long life. I also have confirmed that children’s academic achievements can be improved by locating their desk at a spot with concentrated Power Energy.

A time-honored Oriental adage says that “a great person is born at the house with Power Energy”. It means that the invisible, beneficial energy, i.e. the good aura a house emits, along with the burial site of a family’s ancestors, is very important in starting a prestigious family.

More often than not, when a family that has been doing pretty well all of a sudden goes through unexpected difficulties or trials, it is because they have moved from a house with a good aura to one with a bad aura.

“May those who read this passage live in a house with a good aura and enjoy a happy and long life.”


A House with No Power Energy

This huge custom home under construction in a suburb of Dallas, Texas does not have Power Energy in either the gate or the entrance. None

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington

Burgermaster in Bellevue, Washington is a legendary drive-in restaurant. It is well-known that Bill Gates used to patronize this restaurant, which was located right next