Feng Shui,
Chi, and Energy

The vital life energies that exist on the earth can be classified into positive energy and normal energy. They originate from the core of the earth and flow all the way to the surface of the earth.

I define “Power Energy” as an especially potent energy that is formed when two flows of positive energy intersect perpendicularly. What we call Power Energy is usually called an auspicious site, “Myungdang” in Korean. (note: Throughout the website, ‘Power Energy’ will be used to refer to both a place where Power Energy is located and the potent energy itself, depending on the context.)

I have discovered that Power Energy is very beneficial to human beings as well as to animals and plants.

There is a time-honored adage in Eastern culture that says that even a small amount of Power Energy(Myungdang) is more valuable than tons of  treasure.

The tradition and the practice to highly value the importance of Power Energy has been carried on to this day, especially in the Asian culture.

The beginning of all the prestigious families originates from “Power Energy”.

I have discovered that without exception, a chaebol(i.e. business conglomerate), a successful businessman, a successful restaurant, a popular mall, a thriving business, and a prestigious family all have something in common: Power Energy.

It is well known that a great family leaves a legacy not by leaving material inheritance to the children, but by choosing to bury their ancestors in a location with Power Energy.

Therefore, the highest honor devoted children can bestow upon their parents is to bury them in a place with Power Energy when they pass away.

For this reason, I dare to claim that the good fortune of the most successful life is ensured when one’s business, house and burial sites of his or her ancestors are precisely and perfectly aligned with Power Energy.

I have searched for and located beneficial Power Energy assiduously for the last 20 years both in Korea and the U.S and have figured out how this Power Energy can be utilized to enhance one’s success.

I have come to believe in the existence of Power Energy and its potency through more than twenty years of hard work, my own personal experience, and confirmation in my on-site field work. At the same time, I have also come to realize that many of the mainstream Feng Shui and Chi experts more often than not provide misleading advice. Many times I myself have paid a high price for their misguiding consultation before I mastered how to find Power Energy. I dare to claim to be different from them and to offer authentic and valuable advice. 

With firm conviction to enhance your success in life and the success of your business and your family’s happiness, UU-consulting is here for you to provide you with invaluable consultation if you are considering buying, selling, leasing or building your house, shopping centers, business buildings and purchasing or moving a burial site.

Are you yearning for a successful life?
‘A modicum of Power Energy is better than tons of treasure’

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